Event 7: Relay Race

The athletes were put into 4 teams of 5, as shown in the image below:


Round 1

Cyan, Grey, Silver and Violet ran through the Grassy Plains. In the background, there were a few trees, including Pree and Cee.

Round 2

Pink, Tan, Lavender and Orange ran through Flax Forest. There were a few flax trees in the background.

Round 3

Red, Rose, Yellow and Navy raced through Teal Tundra. There were ice shards and an ice cave from Day 6 in the background.

Round 4

Sky, Magenta, Olive and Blue raced through Pinfield Docks, the entrance to the Wild Waters. There was a tree, a shack, a sign and two boats in the background.

Round 5

Shadow, Lime, Maroon and Brown raced through the Violet Volcanoes. There were volcanoes in the background.

Round 6

Everybody raced again through the Jammed Jungles to determine their individual scores. Pree, Cee and Three appeared in the background along with several large jungle trees.



Gadget Car Triacontathlon - Day 7-0

Gadget Car Triacontathlon - Day 7-0

The seventh day of the Gadget Car Triacontathlon, where the remaining 20 athletes compete to win the Gadget Car.