Event 4: Dodge-Sword

In Dodge-Sword, the 23 remaining athletes have to dodge the eliminated contestants, who are armed with melee weapons.

In each round, there are bowls that either give bonus points or kill you.

  • Yellow bowls give 10 points
  • Green bowls give 20 points
  • Blue bowls/'planets' give 35 points
  • Orange bowls kill you
  • Red 'planets' kill you
  • Red triangle corners kill you

Round 1

Flower Forest is a forest filled with flowers. There are two yellow bowls, one green bowl and two blue bowls.

Round 2

Pipin' mayhem is set in a factory with different pipes. There is one yellow bowl, one green bowl and one blue bowl.

Round 3

Geometry plains features rotating shapes. There is one green bowl, one blue bowl and two triangles tipped with red corners.

Round 4

Vicious Volcano is set inside a volcano. There are three green bowls, four blue bowls and two orange bowls.

Round 5

Goodbye world contains several asteroids. At the very beginning, there is a golden missile which rips Earth into pieces. There are three blue 'planets' and two red 'planets'.


Gadget Car Triacontathlon - Day 4

Gadget Car Triacontathlon - Day 4