Event 12: Castle Siege


The castle.

Doc671 found a castle in the middle of nowhere. A telepathic force told him that there was loot inside the castle.

During the event, all athletes were replaced with contestants who were not in GCT. 


The athletes and their replacements.

Athletes were shot out of Poup Cannons to break into the castle.

  • +3 points for directly hitting a bomb
  • +2 points for directly destroying a block
  • +2 points for displacing a soldier
  • +1 point for indirectly destroying a block
  • +1 point for indirectly activating a bomb

Round 1: A Tower

While the Poup Cannon was arriving to break into the castle, a tower appeared with two soldiers guarding it. Cannonballs fired in this round did not split or explode. The tower only had one bomb which did not detonate.

Round 2: The Eye


While the Poup Cannon was busy destroying the first tower, a second tower named 'The Eye' appeared with six soldiers guarding it. The Eye had one bomb which detonated several times. Cannonballs fired in this round did not split or explode. Points were multiplied by 1.5.

Round 3: The Castle


The Poup Cannon had arrived at the castle walls and was ready to destroy it. The castle walls were thick, had 5 bombs and 8 soldiers. Cannonballs fired in this round exploded on impact. Points were multiplied by 2.

Mini Marble Siege


The boss briefing for the chest.

After the Poup Cannon broke through the walls, the athletes climbed up stairs to the top of the castle. They found a chest and attempted to take it. However, the chest became sentient. The athletes attacked the chest in a Marble Siege, using the Poup Cannon to help deal damage. 

After the Siege, the chest was locked and put into the V.O.T.E. for later use.



Gadget Car Triacontathlon - Day 12

Gadget Car Triacontathlon - Day 12